For the most, discussion about behaviour change in pharma revolves around the patient. Yet in order for behaviour change in patients to be possible, we also need to address the changes that healthcare professionals need to make. After all, the quality of care and advice that patients receive is down to the HCPs they interact with.

However, just because we’re now dealing with industry professionals, it doesn’t mean that the task at hand is any easier. As with patients, it’s not sufficient to simply tell HCPs how or why they should be changing their behaviour – knowledge alone isn’t enough to inspire action. And again, as with patients, the answer could lie in new technology designed to support change, and reduce the barriers that prevent it.

In this white paper, we explore the key areas where behaviour change is needed, offer advice on approaches to implement interventions, and discuss what HCP behaviour change interventions could look like in the future.

Download this white paper now to:

  • Learn the basic but crucial behaviours that pharma can target to change
  • Understand why providing knowledge alone isn’t enough, and get advice on how to better utilise your information
  • Explore the different ways that you can put interventions into practice
  • And for insight into what the future may hold for tackling behaviour change in HCPs.



the white paper here

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