We’ve recognised the importance of a patient-centric outlook and the value it adds to patients’ experiences for some time now. But patient value is about more than just the outcomes. It’s the before, the along the way, and the after. It’s value that should be added at every opportunity and that should always be available. And one of the key ways to achieve this is through providing patients with accessible, relevant and high quality health information. 

Patients aren’t just looking for medication and treatment. They need help making informed and empowered health decisions. They want to understand how to reduce their likelihood of hospitalisation or late diagnosis, and to maximise their wellbeing and quality of life. Without health literacy, patients simply can’t optimise healthcare services and therefore won’t gain full patient value.

To determine if patients are currently receiving value in terms of health literacy, we conducted a UK wide survey of 253 people, investigating four specific areas:

  • Illness and treatment understanding
  • Support from healthcare providers
  • Access to health care and information
  • Preferences for health information

The results are now in, analysed, and ready for you to read so you can decide for yourself just how valuable health literacy really is to patients…

In this exclusive report, we look at:

  • What is patient value
  • The role of health literacy in providing patient value
  • Patients’ views and preferences on health literacy
  • If patients really understand their illness and treatment
  • If patients are receiving the support they need from healthcare providers
  • How accessible healthcare and information really is
  • How to use our findings to improve health literacy


the white paper

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