Changing behaviour in healthcare is the end goal. The thing that so much of what we do in pharma works to achieve. And doing this requires a deep understanding of health psychology.

What is health psychology?

Simply put, health psychology is the study of behavioural health and behavioural medicine. It uses both medicine and psychology to link mind and body behaviours to determine how we can improve health outcomes. It’s an interesting approach and one that’s been growing in popularity for the past three decades, especially with the industry beginning to view health more holistically. So that’s what health psychology is all about. Now let’s see it in action. 

Health psychology in action

This is what this white paper is all about: how pharma can put the principles of health psychology into action to help influence behaviour change. By breaking down the differences between intentional and reflexive behaviours to understand what influences them and therefore help HCPs adapt their approach…  By applying decision theory to show how we can make patients accountable for their choices, before providing them with opportunities to change… By exploring how advances in technology can help health psychology to continue breaking the barriers of traditional healthcare… And by directly addressing the behavioural adaptations that patients and HCPs need to effectively manage health.

Download this white paper now and you’ll also discover:

  • Case studies that show how the effects of health psychology can assist with behaviour-change techniques
  • How health psychologists can create smarter and simpler ways to engage with HCPs and patients
  • The obstacles that health psychology needs to overcome to become more widely recognised in pharma
  • And the measures it needs to take to do so


the white paper here

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