Increase engagement, inspire change: Discover why UX is so important in healthcare

Technology has hugely changed how patients, HCPs and companies now interact and engage with each other. Face-to-face has become a thing of the past and a virtual reality a potential future. As the healthcare landscape evolves, companies need to adapt their strategy to take advantage of these new opportunities to interact with patients and HCPs, while still maintaining a high quality of care. That’s the challenge, so what’s the solution?

User experience is a design concept that, when implemented correctly, could vastly improve patient and customer experiences and outcomes. And be that very solution to the challenge the industry is now facing.

Backed by science, psychology and data, UX can be designed to help break down barriers, build trust, improve medication adherence and encourage behaviour change. And this whitepaper explains how.

With many in healthcare already turning to UX to improve their strategy and experience, this whitepaper will get you up to speed on everything you need to know, and have the potential to do. 

Download now to learn:

  • Understand how health psychology and UX align
  • Gain knowledge on interaction design, strategies and techniques for UX
  • Learn how UX can improve medication adherence and self-management
  • Discover all the other ways UX can encourage behaviour change


the white paper

Download our white paper "UX: A catalyst for behaviour change".

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